Here’s a little blog post today on a subject that’s very close to home. It’s not something that would normally interest me, but when your friends say “Alira, why are you limping?” and you didn’t realise you were – then you know you might have something wrong with your feet. Or your shoes. Or both!


Podiatrists are specialists dedicated to caring for your feet. They will diagnose and treat almost all disorders your feet might have, from a simple athlete’s foot issue to sprains, torn ligaments, as well as other muscle strains, to bone injuries and even more critical conditions that might call for surgical procedures.

Why would you go to a foot doctor instead of your regular family doctor?

Specialists! Some issues greatly benefit from having the specialized care of a specialist. Podiatrists are those people – they are specialized in foot care and treatment. They deal with foot ailments and how to care for them, and that alone. So they know their stuff.

For example, swelling and tearing of the connective muscle of the sole, is a common foot injury. Another reason for visiting a foot doctor is when you experience bouts of chronic heel pain. This could lead to complications if not attended to in good time. You might ignore this or simply visit any physician for pain killers and hope that the pain goes away.

Lastly, if you notice your toenails have discolored and turned yellow or black, it is high time you see a podiatrist. This could be a sign of corns and calluses which may need immediate treatment. These are issues which any practitioner in podiatry will be able to treat permanently. A podiatrist physician can detect it accurately and develop a plan of therapy which delivers permanent positive results.

It can be useful to visit your regular doctor to find out what may require the attention of a specialist foot doctor. So do not hesitate to talk with them if you sense any sort of pain or irritation in one foot – or in both feet.

But a podiatrist can also go way beyond fixing the immediate problem. They can recommend the right kind of footwear, if required. Many types of foot problems are caused by wearing the wrong kind of shoes (us girls are the biggest culprits here of course). Shoes play a big role in the comfort and care of your feet. There are shoes designed for feet comfort which can be recommended by podiatrists. And they don’t have to be ugly, or worn all the time.

As you you would always visit a medical practitioner, it is advisable to visit a foot doctor if you ongoing problems in that area. This can and will prevent a lot of hassle in the long run.

So take it from me – any time you feel slight discomfort in your feet be sure to seek out a podiatrist. Your feet take you places, which means you need to take proper care of them and ensure that they stay clean and healthy.

And yes, my feet feel an awful lot better now – and my friends say I’ve started walking normally again.