There is one aspect of your life that can get significantly out of control, a problem that millions of people have worldwide. It is an inability to stop eating unhealthy food on a regular basis, food that can lead to obesity.

As you gain extra body fat, you’re going to make it more difficult for your heart to function, which may indirectly lead to the development of cholesterol in your veins and arteries. When you are eating a substantial amount of unhealthy food regularly, you run the risk of compromising your health. When people think about dieting, they think that it is an overwhelming task, one that involves exercising, stretching, running, and weightlifting.

Fortunately, if you take very small steps moving in the direction of having a much healthier meal regimen, you’ll start to see a significant change in how much body fat you actually retain.

healthyteethOne of the things I’ve come to appreciate as I get older is that more natural solutions to health issues often seem to be more effective. Or at least ‘effective enough’ but often without the side effects common with chemical blends and pharmacy drugs.

And most recently that’s something I’ve come to appreciate when cleaning my teeth. This daily mundane activity is just ‘something we do’ – we don’t give it much thought, we rarely take a second look at our toothpaste choice (are you still buying the same brand your parents bought when you were a child..?). But there are some serious different choices you can make when it comes to your dental health.